Thank you for the good service, Jessica. We highly appreciate a good arrangement around defect goods and an honest and truthful solution to solve this. You really do this very well. Thanks a lot.
Dré Hendriks CEO, Netherlands
Dear Jenny, Just wanted to tell you that the shipment has arrived and that everything was top notch. Thank you very much! We were very pleased with how the goods were handled and I believe that this strengthen further relationship between our companies.
Mikael Lennartsson, Sweden
We have generated a lot of interest with your LED panel samples. The local hospital has conducted a test with LED panels from ten different suppliers and we have just been informed yesterday that they chose our samples as the best quality and prices.
Martin Ziemian, Poland
High bay samples are fantastic and we will be taking orders for them for my sales teams around Australia over the next couple of weeks. Will then be placing orders with you, and once underway will seek distribution agreement for all high bay light in Australia & NZ. Also will be coming to China early Octomber to meet up again and discuss agreement.
Craig, Australia