high bay light

/high bay light

high bay luminaire 200W

high bay luminaire 200W fixture is high performance. Just 200 watts will produce 28000 lumens. An IP65 rating for wash down.

outdoor high bay 150W

outdoor high bay 150W is 80% energy saving, can reach 140lm/w. IP65, The best choice compared to other ceiling lighting alternatives.

hibay lighting 100W

hibay lighting 100W is now extremely cost effective.130 to 150 lumens per watt. minimum of 80% saving on your electricity.

high bay 300W lighting

high bay 300W lighting is perfect for retrofit or new construction, 3 times energy efficient as standard HID, uniform light on the floor.

led highbay 200W

The led highbay 200W lights last 2-5 times longer than HIDs. so less time and resources devoted to maitenance.

industrial high bay 150W

industrial high bay 150W offers quality and safety for ceiling lightings. 140lm/w. good visibility is for correct and fast work.

high bay lighting 100W

high bay lighting fixtures 100W innovates warehouse with led high bay lighting. Most efficienty way to replace HID.

led Hallenstrahler 200W

led Hallenstrahler 200W is designed to be the perfect substitute for metal halide lamps. Great lighting space for distance of about 4 to 6 meters.

high bay illumination 150W

high bay illumination provides uniform lightings, cost saving and provides better efficiency. 140lm/w high efficiency.

high bay fixtures


led high bay fixtures for warehouse lighting and other high-ceiling spaces having a special lighting requirements.