It’s time to back-to-school. What can you remember for this time every year? Regular life, tense classes, endless examinations… Have you ever try to think if we improve some surroundings, the feeling will be more interesting? Here we have to mention the lighting solutions in classroom, offices.

Led panel light, also called ceiling light is a more and more attractive choice for schools lighting.Why? Students like it. Led panel light is glare free, no fainted feelings; No Ultraviolet ray, no mosquito around them…they can concentrate on what they are cared about.

For teachers or board members, they can work on a clear, quiet office. More, as we all know, led panel light is more energy saving, like 48W can be 4000lm. It has a high ROI. And long lifetime span. We can promise 3 years warranty for free after-services ever.

So what are you hesitating? It’s time to choose flat panel light.