at 7:00 on August 6, 31 in Beijing time, th Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony begun in Maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is perhaps the last two decades most scrubby Olympic
Games opening ceremony, but for economic depression relatively while passionate and warm vibrant Brazil, it’s not difficult to give a more dazzling opening ceremony. For the entire Olympic Games
opening ceremony, to people, the deepest impression probably is : projection, singing, dancing. 110 sets of 20,000 lumens projectors to create a visual show, convey a strong Brazil emotion ,
showing the Olympic passion. With respect to 2008, a large amount of LED display help for the Olympics, held in Brazil in the Olympic Games opening ceremony, removing LED lamp manufacturing
variety of stage effects outside, and not much figure LED display, which had caused LED industry thought.

projection lighting


It is understood that the budget of Brazilian Olympic Games opening ceremony is only $ 21 million, less than half of the London Olympic Games, therefore, it’s not easy to open a ceremony that at
least flat with the previous ceremony. In many ways it can be frugal frugal, select relatively low-cost display device, for Brazil, is really the only choice. As in recent years, projection techniques are
constantly improving, getting to meet customer needs, which in many occasions, it seems no longer must to chose LED display. As we all know, the higher the cost of the cost of LED display, which is
no small burden for the economy of Brazil, which is relatively difficult; secondly, although the LED display technology is constantly improved, but it is still difficult to control the larger, in the course of
human material costs will likely increase; finally, LED display also works to build more complex. Thus, for the economically less developed countries, it will not dare to use expensive and large display
Rio Brazil lighting

The Brazilian Olympic Games opening ceremony, except for a large number of projection equipment, the use of virtual technology, its elegance, as presented in the opening ceremony of the
audience in front of the buildings where they stand among the groups of jumping and running red dress jumping villain, is to use technology to create a virtual vision. Projection and using virtual
technology, the entire Brazilian Olympic Games opening ceremony colorful, which demonstrated the effect for Brazil, but also more effective, no better than the previous Olympic Games opening
ceremony of the inferior. The opening ceremony of the wonderful show, it seems good to correct a lot of people think that in many cases, there is help out non-LED display can not misunderstanding.
Although the LED display can be a lot of icing events, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, but with a variety of display technology advances, LED display is also no longer it seems
to belong to the supreme position.
Why LED display lost projection in Rio Olympic opening ceremony

To this end, technical progress and the virtual projection technology more and more fiery use, LED display industry whether it should sound the alarm? I think, first, LED manufacturers should get rid
of the dependence of key projects to promote the practice of LED display; Secondly, to long-term development of the LED display in the display field more competitive, the industry should work
together to take full account of the different levels of market demand, technological progress and the like through a virtual emerging display technology, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce the
difficulty in operating the use and simplify its project construction, make the greatest efforts to achieve economic levels in different areas, can and must be from the screen, the screen can be
controlled well, so that it is more likely to allow the LED display to become an irreplaceable thing.